Triad Hitchup

Friday, November 30, 2007

Triad HITCH-UP Meeting Highlights 11/27/07

We had a great open discussion meeting. Thanks to everyone who attended!

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, and look forward to seeing everyone on January 29, 2008!

Meanwhile, we have 3 group members who are awaiting cochlear implants in the next few months. They are in our thoughts and we hope everything goes well for al of them!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Triad HITCH-UP Meeting Highlights 10/30/07

GUEST SPEAKER: Beth Whitfield, M. Ed, CASTLE Program Coordinator
TOPIC: Parenting an HI child: Behavior, therapy, and balancing it all.

This past week Beth came and spoke about parenting an HI child with AV therapy and how to incorporate therapy into different segments of your life other than your traditional "table time". Using those 5 minutes of short attention spans while your are cooking, reading, playing, waiting for dinner at a restaurant, brushing teeth, or whenever you can do 1 quick activity. Also remembering that therapy needs to remain fun and exciting for both the parents and children; keep it silly and fun and the kids forget you are "doing therapy" and learn more meaningfully. Thanks to Beth for her time and wonderful presentation!!!

Parents Present:
Leslie Wolfe
Marty and Leigh Reeves
Arthur & Tracy Tastet
Pam Bensimhon
Chris & Crystal Rierson
Joey, Lisa, and Anthony - UNCG Deaf Ed students

Children Present: (A big thank you to Lindsey from Bizi Kidz!!!)
Collin and Hannah Tastet
Angeleah Reeves

Thanks to Pam Bensimhon for bringing refreshments for the parents and children. The Tastet's are signed up to bring snacks for the November meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, November 27, 2007. We will be having an open discussion forum. We hope all can attend.


11/8 - 11/9/07 - 13th Annual Hear 'n' Now Conference 2007
Caraway Conference Center, Asheboro, NC ...Presented by CCCDP and NC AG Bell
Contact Robert Humphreys at CASTLE for more information - or 919.419.1449

11/ 14/07 - CARE Cochlear Implant Webinar
Online at on 11/14/07 12:00 PM

AG Bell 2008 Convention
Milwaukee, Wis. on 06/27/08

Pam Bensimhon & Crystal Rierson
Co-leaders, Triad HITCH-UP

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